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fannyfae: (slick, slick1)

In a Wytch's Owne Hand of Write

Living Between the Worlds

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Birthdate:Jan 21
Fanny Fae, born in 1444, Frances Moira MacKay, in what would become Clan MacKay of Scotland. She is half-human and half Unseelie. She is the product of a devoted Priestess of the Fortunate Isle, and a Dark Sidhe prince, Gan Ceanach, which means "Love Talker".

Soon after reaching adulthood, she assumed the role of High Lady of the Fortunate Isle. Some say that she came to power by her honest ability. Others contend that it was by sheer political will, determination, and more than anything else, by pure deception just as much as by the Art of Magic. Certainly laws of both Fae magical power and that of humans were well understood by her, so it was never certain. Now, as war comes between the Fae Kingdoms and humans, Fanny Fae, known to very few by her true name of 'Faelyn', must now ally herself with either the Seelie or Unseelie Fae. No matter what side she chooses, it will change the future of the Fortunate Isle forever.

Fanny, being called back to Scotland to be with her maternal Uncle Angus, who is a diplomat in the Court of Louis XIII, meets the love of her life, M. le Comte de Rochefort ([personal profile] all_for_me ). During this turbulent time, Fanny, known also as Faelyn, marries the Comte de Rochefort. When he is killed by the blade of a one-time brother turned enemy, Faelyn vows to bring him back from the dead, no matter what the cost.

This journal was originally created mainly as a project for the group [info]theatrical_muse, but now has moved on due to real life events. (Thank you to everyone in TM for all the years of love and writing enjoyment!). Mun's journal is [info]niankhsekhmet. Fanny is a part of many other muse / prompt groups, including one I am moderator for, [info]writers_muses. Any resemblence to persons either living or dead, may or may not be coincidental, and frankly, I don't give a damn either way. Fanny is open for RP and happily interacts with most anyone. Posts can go all the way up to and beyond an NC-17 rating. Maturity on all levels is not merely an option, it is a requisite.

Truthfully, this journal is based on my ancestor, Frances Moira MacKay, of Clan MacKay in Scotland. Fanny,as my akhu or ancestor, has been "in my head" for a while now. This is the place where alot of it gets put down. And yes, the hand behind [info]fannyfae in real life is a Priestess, a professional herbalist and a writer/producer who is in fact listed on the professional side of the IMDB.

WARNING! This journal is intended for readers over the age of 18, and material can contain material of a graphic violent and / or adult nature. You have been warned!

COPYRIGHT NOTICE: Frances Moira MacKay, Fanny Fae, Faelyn, Comtesse Françoise Moira de Rochefort, et al are a part of a forthcoming novel and screenplay and are under copyright protection. Fanny and all content produced or written on this journal written by [info]fannyfae, unless otherwise noted are the sole copyright and property of Françoise Christina deVere, Christina L. Paul and Maát Publishing, Waterline Productions, Magickal Alchemy and Eye of Ra Productions, 1995-2015. All rights reserved and are exclusively held. Use of any character or storyline may not be used without written permission of the author, production, and/or publishing companies and is expressly prohibited. Violators will be prosecuted.

Note: I will sometimes comment to various communities from this journal. That does not mean that I am someone who is living vicariously through my muse. It just means that I was not inclined to log out of this particular journal and back into my other journal of [info]niankhsekhmet.

Deal with it.

Icons used for Fanny Fae are of Monica Bellucci.

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Standerd Disclaimer:

All characters appearing in this journal are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

Caveat: However, if the writer should decide that some cheap therapy is needed and there does happen to be some hapless victim or two that dies a horrible and senseless death; it very well might be that it does, in fact,represent someone after all.

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