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urely you jest.

What is our life but a series of moments? We move from one moment to the next and especially those of us who are essentially Immortal. How can any one thing, any one event influence those of us whose lives span centuries?

To be fair and to begin at the beginning, I would say that it was the moment I discovered that the death of my mother, my acceptance into the Sidhe Court, especially the acknowledgement by both the Queen of Air and Darkness, and my father, Gan Ceanach, my ascension as a Noviate and Initiate on the Fortunate Island were all a part of an elaborate scheme by my foster mother, Morgienne. To have everything you have ever done, to have everything snapped in half in a single realizing instant - it cannot be described. Any semblance of purity of intent or innocence that I may have had up until that moment were slain at my feet. I stood over the body of what was that wide eyed, trusting and dutiful child-priestess, covered in her blood. The ground was littered with the broken shards of everything that she ever believed before that moment. In her place stood the like form of a young woman who had been implanted with the very seeds of vengeance. The coming months would see to the germination and the full and proficient bloom that rendered asunder all that stood in the way of her ambition and quest for Power. My eyes were at last open.
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Muse: Fanny Fae / Faelyn
Fandom: Original Character / Folklore /Mythology
Word Count: 693
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