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The entire case stunk to high heaven. In addition to the obvious stench of dead bodies being found in this new set of murders that looked so oddly like a reprise of the Grimm Murders, there was something else. The scent was heavy with the iron tinged scent of blood interwoven with something else more sinister.

Certainly, Fanny thought, Red wouldn’t have perceived it, nor would any of the other cops and lawyers, but the sensation was unmistakable. Maybe it was due to her pregnancy, she thought. Of course, no one but Red and possibly Mac Ringgold knew. He’d seen her looking a fair shade of green that morning before she managed to choke down some peppermint tea and saltines. The idea of another interview with Timothy Spencer and the disquieting circumstances surrounding the death of his girlfriend caused a deep rumble to cut across her midsection. She took another large swallow of peppermint tea and followed Red and the others into the interrogation room. Read more... )

Muse: Francoise de Rochefort / Fanny Fae
Fandom: Original Character
Word Count: 1142

A part of the" Midnight People", original, interactive fiction at Panhistoria.
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And many will tremble thereby.
All habitations and desert spaces are indeed of My own creation, set forth,
All fully within My strength, not that of the false gods;
Wherefore I am He that men come with their rightful worship,
Not the false gods of their books, wrongly written;
But they come to know Me, a Peacock of bronze and of gold,
Wings spread over Kaaba and Temple and Church, not to be overshadowed.
And in the secret cave of My wisdom it is known that there is no God but Myself,
Archangel over all the Host, Melek Ta'us.
Knowing this, who dares deny?
Knowing this, who dares fail to worship?
- "Mes'haf i Resh" (The Yezidi Black Book)

He was the Brightest Star in the Heavens. Some say he was a God himself. Others say he was merely the servant of God. In either case the glorious perfection and splendour that he was had no equal either in the Heavens nor upon the Earth. Read more... )

Muse: Francoise de Rochefort
Prompt: 97 - Fallen Star
Word Count: 501

© Ma'at Publishing
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In the years that I had been attempting to revive my husband from the Realm of the Dead, I had only ever worked the Rite on Beltane and Samhain. It was only after some great reluctance that I was at last persuaded by a friend and ally that perhaps my timing was a little off. It took not a little to convince me that when the bud and tree were in full flower and yet not quite ripe for the harvest would be a far more appropriate time to attempt to bring Sebastien's spirit back from the aethers.
Read more... )

Muse: Francoise de Rochefort / Faelyn
Fandom: Original Character
Word Count: 1887
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