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Think about the whole lot of characters you've created so far in your writing / roleplaying career and consider these questions. Answer as many or as few as you'd like.

1. What gender of character do you play or write most often?

I think it tends to be a pretty even split, although I tend to write women more than men. The women that I do write are fairly unconventional. For a while, when I was writing male characters, particularly in the early days of the internet, I absolutely would not let anyone know that the hand behind that character was not in fact male. Read more... )
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To what extent are you willing to share the writing of your characters with others? Do you allow your peers to write your character into their stories, or do you get frustrated if they come to you with a suggestion involving your muse?

I have no problem sharing my Muse(s) with those whom I trust. That trust, however, has been built up over a period of time and those particular writers know me, know what my goals for my Muses are, and we have a mutual respect going on. Usually, it takes years to have built that up. My writing relationship with the scribe for [ profile] all_forme, for example. If I have a bit of dialogue in mind, I will always run this by his scribe and vice versa. It has to be right. The same goes for any time I have written with or included [ profile] civ_barbarian. I won't lie. There are times when I have written something and the Muse or his scribe will want me to change it slightly. Example, Hsu never uses the word 'worry'. He can have concern, but he is never worried. The same goes in reverse. 99% of the time, those writers with whom I have been writing for a good number of years know. Everyone in this circle of writers that we have created, either consciously or unconsciously, seems to have very good habits and will more often than not ask the other if 'X ' or ' Y ' is ok. We each do this by emailing or IM-ing the other(s) first before posting any of the content. Assumptions can have disastrous consequences in terms of misunderstandings, hurt feelings, or something as simple as just differing perspectives can derail a potential storyline or RP. So we all tend to talk it out first.

Conversely, if someone sockpuppets my Muse and does not run the dialogue or a situation that my Muse is in by me, I do tend to get a little terse about it. This is especially true since the majority of my Muses are OC's. After having been burned in the past, I am absolutely fierce about copyright issues. In my direct and personal experience, you have to be diligent about it, or believe me, you can get seriously burned. Once that particular demon has escaped, good luck bringing it back under control again! I don't mind if people talk to me, and I know them - and I am pretty open to write with most, it is just that communication is a requisite.

With canon muses, I don't think that you can justifiably raise any sort of fuss about such things. They don't belong to us, no matter how much we might wish it so. But even those canon muses, I do like to check with their current scribes as well. Azazeal ([ profile] 1st_of_the200), is a canon muse that I think I have a fairly good understanding of. However, I ALWAYS run the dialogue and situation by his scribe because they have portrayed him in a very specific way. It is a matter of courtesy, really. You give what you expect as far as behaviour and treatment from others, and usually things tend to run much smoother that way.
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Searching through my images and I have a few, none other than the one below the link is more indicative of who I am, and what is at the core of my Being.

Life between the worlds.... )
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Names? I have quite a number of them. and if you were to put them all in a line you would get Frances Moira McKay Faelyn Nic Gan Ceanach de Rochefort.

I was named Frances for it's Gaelic meaning of 'freedom'. In Scotland where I was born, the sentiment of freedom was something that beat strong in the heart of every decent son or daughter born of that land. My mother's first name for me was a wish, a prayer and a hope that we could all remain free. Moira, I was named for my Grandmother - her name having two meanings, one meaning of the name is 'bitter' - the other being 'great'. No matter that Christianity's own Goddess, the Blessed Virgin Mary is the derivative of that name, together or separate, it has held true for me. I am not embittered, but I have tasted life's bitter fruits as well as great Power.

The Clan McKay, called Mac Aoidh in Gaelic, meaning the 'Son of Aodh.' or 'Son of Fire' , were originally descended of the Picts - with clear and direct ties to the Sidhe, who are my Ancestors and whose blood I carry in my veins. Our motto is 'Manu forti' , 'With a strong hand,' and by the fourteenth century,the McKay's were most numerous in the Nothermost regions of Scotland, our family lands stretched from Cape Wrath along the north coast to Caithness. Over time we lost the whole of those lands to Clan Sutherland. This was long after I myself had left the shores of Scotland for the Fortunate Island and my husband's lands in France. The ties to my family there long since having dissipated into the mists of time.

The name Faelyn, however, was given to me when I was but a wee lass. It was a name that my foster mother, Morgienne had to claim for me from the Unseelie, for my father, Gan Ceanach, was none to keen to acknowledge the liaison between himself and my mother. With the threat of being forsworn in front of all the Unseelie Court, he relented at last, and the name was mine. The name Faelyn itself means, "Beautiful Fae". Only those closest to me ever use that name, though some, such as Hsu, never have used it. Sebastien will only use that name when speaking to me, and I suppose that this is appropriate, all things considered. Gan Ceanach means 'Love Talker', which is the name of my Sidhe father. Nic Gan Ceanach, simply means 'Daughter of Gan Ceanach', and tells those among the Sidhe whose daughter I am; not that my father and I have ever had much to say to each other.

The Noble House of my husband's ancestors was founded in the year 876 during the Merovingian times. The Houses of Rochefort and of Rochechouart are the oldest families of French nobility. The name originally from the Old French, roche, meaning ‘rocky outcrop’, and indeed, the de Rochefort lands are surrounded by beautiful mountains on nearly all sides. Suffice it to say that within my husband's veins runs blood that is more pure than that of the Kings of France. His line is from the Noblesse Ancienne - the Ancient Nobles, and the Noblesse d'Epee - the Nobles of the Sword. The members of his family, from the earliest times, have been an integral part of the history of France and have served as soldiers, politicians, officials and artists. The family mottoes are "Ante mare undae" or "L'esprit surpasse la matière".("Spirit surpasses Matter".) and my personal favourite, "Avant que la mer fût au monde, Rochechouart portait les ondes" ("Before the sea was in the world, the Rochechouart carried the waves"). If anything could be said to sum up the sense of self-importance that every de Rochefort and Rochechouart I have ever met has in full measure, it would be these words. I would say that I have also embraced this as well.

Muse: Fanny Fae / Faelyn
Fandom: Original Character / Folklore / Mythology
Word Count: 659
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1) Do you ever 'talk' to your characters?

Absolutely. Fanny especially. I do because to me, she isn't just a character, she is based on an actual ancestor of mine and part of my own spiritual belief system is that our akhu, or ancestors are not gone, they just moved to another address. As such, we do interact with them whether we realise it or not.

2) Do they talk back? Yes. Fanny is the strongest, but her voice is always quiet and dignified, she is never shrill. She is very precise in her speech, she does not use contractions in a sentence. Elizabeth ( [ profile] nomanselizabth) is a typical loud Tudor monarch, and she can be extremely loud and obnoxious! Having two queens in my head can be a real pain in the backside. Fanny's daughter Caroline is very polite and she is of all my muses the "sweetest" and most gentle. When she does feel strongly about something - like she does about her music or about her beau, Stelios Lakiotis ([ profile] immortalsparta), she can get a bit more chatty. Caroline's sister, Jocelyn ([ profile] faedefrance), is very precocious as children go. I hear her mostly of a child of about six or seven at present, even though technically we never got around to telling the story of her being born. We knew she was coming, and then about a year or so later, she just started talking. Right now she is talking the most to Azazeal ([ profile] 1st_of_the200), and she thinks he is neater than cake! What is worse is that he isn't even my muse and I can hear the two of them having conversations and planning all sorts of mayhem *facepalm* . I have the same problem with Fanny's husband, Sebastien de Rochefort ([ profile] all_forme) deciding to visit. He was most obnoxious when we got a chance to see a bottle of Remy Martin Louis XIII cognac in a store once. I told him if he wanted it, he could cough up the $1800 dosh to buy it! Thankfully in checking with either Azazeal's or Rochefort's writers, they get the same sort of thing with my muses visiting them, so it works out. Perhaps we are all just collectively insane?

3) Is there a particular ritual you have that lets you get in touch with your inner voices?

No. They just sort of pop up. It happens mainly when I am driving or shopping or just minding my own business. A lot of times I will be reading a bit of history or literature and one or two will expound on the event - or in Fanny's case she will talk about why something isn't quite what was depicted in history, but rather give a slightly different viewpoint. When I am doing my work as an herbalist, I sometimes will get input from her to check something and lo and behold find out that the Muse is right about something I had not thought about. Where the ancestor that I have based Fanny on stops and Fanny who is the character begins, sometimes that is not always very clear. She has very specific tastes in music, food and wine and things she enjoys. Some of those tastes, interestingly enough are definitely not mine. She likes chess, it bores me to tears, she hates embroidery, and I don't mind it - as long as I can find my glasses and see what I am doing. She definitely is of Celts ancestry and this is something that I have a little of, but it really is not a culture that for me is of any deep interest.

I have bought her things that she likes. There was a statue of the Goddess Danu that she really connected with, and so I bought it. In my spiritual path we also have an ancestor shrine which is a small cabinet that is shared collectively and holds pictures and mementos from those people who are very much a part of who we are. Fanny ended up getting her own akhu shrine. In it is the statue of Danu, and a book that was written by the real life Comte de Rochefort printed in the early 1700's because she definitely wanted that as well amongst other things.

In short, I don't know really what Fanny is. She isn't like the other muses that I have in there, too. I've been approached about it by others who share the same spiritual beliefs and they have said , "she really isn't just a character is she?". I have to say, I don't think so and plead ignorance about just what I am dealing with. I just roll with it and continue to take dictation for her. Does all this make me nuts? Maybe. But aren't all we writers and artists just a little bit crazy anyway? ;-)


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