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Journal Entry

How strange it is to be a Sovereign and yet be hidden from all sight - except to those who are closest to you. Sebastien now sleeps, or at least pretends to sleep nearby and I cannot. Tomorrow, my youngest daughter will be crowned as part of an act of our own design, and I am like a ghost between the walls and hidden passageways of the Palais.

My beloved is used to the world of Spirits and though I have spent my long life trying to master the Seven Realms of Existence, this one, or being within this one has eluded me.There is so much I need to impart to Jocelyn, should the worst befall me. Melek will know what to do, and Sebastien as well. Caroline and Stelios will be fine, no doubt. Caroline, my 'Shy One', has finally found herself not only through her bardic training and music, but in the heart of her husband. The Spartan is a good match for my eldest, even though her father does not think so. Caroline's abdication was by itself a blessing. She was never going to be strong enough to rule on her own. The Seelie are too cruel, and though her innate kindness wins many allies, the world, for its part, is not kind. Jocelyn knows this intimately because she has had her father teach her the way of things.

As the fire burns down to the smallest bit of embers I confess, here, though I would never admit it to Sebastien, my strength is still not fully recovered. I can barely hold the smallest blade, and my fingers do not fully close. Would that Melek would allow UserBes to attend me. I am sure there is some draught or medicant that my old Egyptian friend could concoct to help me regain my strength once more. I will ask, for this bout of poison eludes even my own skill as a healer - and that is not easy to admit. My greatest fear is that it is already too late. And even with Fae bloodlines as an advantage, there are just some things that cannot be undone. Could Amarante learn the antidote? How can we even find it?

Tomorrow is the Coronation and I must rest.


Date: 2017-06-19 05:25 am (UTC)
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Would that I knew these troubles of your heart and mind, mon amour, I beg you - hide them not; for I am here and I shall listen. And more so, I would cleave bone and carve muscle from my own flesh to alleviate your pain and make you whole and strong once more.
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Re: *META*

Date: 2017-06-19 05:51 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] all_for_me
You are my queen, and as such you are above reproach.

More than that, you are both wife and mother - and your fears and suspicions were both on point and very intuitive; I would expect no less from you, a woman with the capacity for both love and passion that you hold.

And as soon as we can sneak the two of them away from our funeral services, I think we can have them brought here - if you can but hold out a short time longer. Use my strength, use my life. Feel my love, hold on for me Faelyn. I'll not let you go.


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