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Prrompt 192: Necessary Murder

The entire case stunk to high heaven. In addition to the obvious stench of dead bodies being found in this new set of murders that looked so oddly like a reprise of the Grimm Murders, there was something else. The scent was heavy with the iron tinged scent of blood interwoven with something else more sinister.

Certainly, Fanny thought, Red wouldn’t have perceived it, nor would any of the other cops and lawyers, but the sensation was unmistakable. Maybe it was due to her pregnancy, she thought. Of course, no one but Red and possibly Mac Ringgold knew. He’d seen her looking a fair shade of green that morning before she managed to choke down some peppermint tea and saltines. The idea of another interview with Timothy Spencer and the disquieting circumstances surrounding the death of his girlfriend caused a deep rumble to cut across her midsection. She took another large swallow of peppermint tea and followed Red and the others into the interrogation room.

Detective Eve Winters and one of Timothy Spencer’s attorneys. A statuesque and stunning, sharply-dressed blonde woman were already in the room when Fanny and Red entered. The blonde seemed to momentarily stiffen when she caught sight of Chief Red King.

“Red, I hear life is treating you well. “ The woman quickly compensated for her momentary discomfiture with an overly arge smile and exaggerated grace. She then turned her eyes to Fanny. “And this must be Frances McKay, the famous occultist and writer.”

"Aye," I am." Fanny nodded and extended a hand, feeling a bit at a disadvantage. She managed to murmur her own greeting, a somewhat less than the well rehearsed corporate facade than this lady wore. The tea and crackers were definitely not sitting well.

“I'm Andrea Hawthorn, consultant working with Sam Oak's client,” she said. “Speaking of, we should probably get this show on the road, don't you think Detective Winters?”

Detective Eve winters shepherded out the non-essentials from the room so that they could watch leaving Timothy Spencer and his attorney with Bryant and Mac. From behind the glass, the Hawthorn woman along with Red, Fanny and Eve Spencer watched. On the other side of the glass, Mac Ringgold was the one working the kid. Fanny was quiet, taking notes for her own satisfaction. The kid was clearly diswrought but there was still something that did not sit right. Something was missing, yet she could not put her finger on the reason. She was deep into listening to what was being said when she observed Red moving discreetly closer to the Hawthorn woman.

“How are you?” he asked her. “Are things going well for you?”

“Famously,” Andrea Hawthorn retorted, flashing another corporate smile. “Wildly successful and in demand since moving back to New York.”

Fanny heard little more as she was concentrating more on what was going on in the interrogation room. She couldn’t imagine who the woman was, and right now with lurch in her gut, she wasn’t going to give it too much thought….at least, she thought to herself, not for the moment.

“I really have missed you.” Fanny saw Red inch closer to Hawthorn, who masterfully moved away from him, flashing Fanny a smile as she knew that they had been observed. It certainly wasn’t like Red to be obnoxious, in spite of what the blonde woman was trying to infer. Fanny managed to keep her gaze impassive even as Hawthorn flitted about the dark observation room. Instead she focused her gaze on Timothy Spencer’s answers to the questions that Mac and Bryant were putting to him.

“I was running late...” Spencer’s mouth opened but no sound came out as he struggled with the questionn, Eve, Fanny and the Hawthorn woman seemed to lean closer to hear the next answers that the kid might give.

“Just tell the truth, Timothy. You have nothing to hide.” Spencer’s attorney nodded, seemingly satisfied.

“She was dead when I got there,” the young man continued haltingly. “There was blood everywhere!” he looked up, his eyes filled with desperate emotion. “I was so angry, I loved her!

The kid looked at his hands then his eyes flew up at the cops, his anger rising. “And some bastard came and-” Spencer’s voice broke, then his demeanor shifted to raw,unmitigated rage.Spencer stood up, sending the chair that he had been sitting in clattering heap onto the floor. “If I find who did this……I’ll… I'll kill him myself!” Timothy Spencer pounded his fists on the table for emphasis now, getting in Mac Ringold’s face with the challenge.

Spencer’s attorney tugged at his client’s arm in an attempt to give calm to the situation, but it was clear Mac was having none of it. Mac Ringgold had a way of getting under people’s skin. For once, Fanny was thankful for it.

The meeting within the interrogation room broke up slowly and the observation room did, as well. The air in the corridor seemed much freer than the stfling heat of the observation deck.

“That kid's a psychopath.” Red was clearly agitated.

“That kid is my client, and mourning the murder of his girlfriend,” Hawthorn protested hotly. “Have a heart, Red.” She then flashed a look of disgust at Red and then at Fanny and stalked out behind the kid’s attorney, not glancing back even after Chief Drucker called after them.

“He’s not telling us everything,” Fanny said quietly. It was an obvious statement, but to her mind, it needed to be said aloud.

“Did you really think he was going to?” Red snorted .

Fanny shook her head. “No.”

Glancing down at her watch, it was clear the interrogation of Timothy Spencer had taken far longer than she had anticipated. ‘Damn!” she swore. “I’ve got to get moving if I’m going to make it to Alchemia for my lecture tonight.”

“Oh, right,” Red nodded. Clearly his thoughts were elsewhere. “Do you have time to grab a bite?”

Fanny winced, shaking her head. “No thanks, Chief. Not this time.” The thought of food was not at all appealing. “See you after.”

Red nodded, giving her a half smile. “After,” he agreed.

Fanny slipped out of the police station and into her waiting SUV. Glancing down at her watch once again, she realized that she didn’t have enough time to go home and slip into anything else. It didn’t matter. At least she’d be able to touch up her makeup at the bookstore and hope that she looked presentable even after she wiped away a tear that managed to bite at the corner of her eye.

“What’s happening?” she whispered to herself.

She wasn’t entirely sure that she wanted to know.

Muse: Francoise de Rochefort / Fanny Fae
Fandom: Original Character
Word Count: 1142

A part of the" Midnight People", original, interactive fiction at Panhistoria.