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Munday - Mun Prompt 6/4/12 for [community profile] muse_prompts

Since this is our first Mun Monday, tell us a bit about yourself and why you write.

I write because I have to.

It's like breathing or eating or sleeping. If I don't write , there is something amiss in the world for me. Writing is how I process things, I work out challenges within my own mind. My day is completely blown if the first thing in the morning that I do after pouring my first cup of coffee is not booting up my computer and writing at least 750 - 1000 words. If that does not happen, in my view, I have accomplished absolutely nothing.

It is a chance for me to channel the voices in my head. This Muse / Character, has been with me for over ten years. She is based in an ancestor of mine. Connecting to the ancestors, acknowledging the lives and accomplishments of those who have died and passed on to the Beautiful West in the Horizon is central to my personal spiritual practices. They are the foundation upon whose bones we build our own lives. Sometimes, if we research them, or really get quiet and listen, they can lead us to all sorts of experiences and events that can lend themselves to our fictional pursuits. Their hopes, their dreams, their loves, concerns, prayers and experiences we carry within us. The microcosm and the macrocosm of this is that we are all, at some very basic level as Homo sapiens, related. We all come from a common ancestor that decided to come down out of the branches in Africa and walk upright. From that moment on, our story, and storytelling became an integral part of us. Even with the first marks painted and scratched on cave walls, writers were trying to convey what was seen within the mind's eye. That to me is right there inside.

The characters in every book, movie or story we ever encounter in life are the living egregore that thrive upon our attention. If we are quiet and listen, they do talk to us. They can be as real and as vital and personable or menacing as any living person in our waking, workaday reality. That is why I never roll my eyes or laugh when a fellow writer interjects that their Muse has asked for specific items, experiences or conditions. Writer and Muse, in my experience, have a symbiotic relationship and the health of either are interdependent upon the other.To ignore that, especially for writers, is a blow to our esteem and our health. If I did not let Fanny, Elizabeth, Melek or Sekhmet Meritamun speak, they would make my life a living hell! Writing has become for me, an exorcism of sorts! ;)

Because I am a filmmaker as well as a writer, writing is the place where I not only write the screenplay, but I cast the film, direct, produce and edit the characters on the screen. It's the reminder that sometimes the slow reveal tells far more. It is where my mind and imagination are the camera which places its focus in terms of angle, focus, and motion, determines how the audience sees what is going on. Those details, mies en scene, or what is in the scene is just as important as what the characters are saying to one another on the page. When I am writing, I try to let that story unfold in front of me. I see the characters, see the scene, the sights, the smells, the sounds, the gestures and getting that down in a way that conveys that vision is important. On the opposite spectrum, sometimes the absence of any of those elements can also convey meaning to the reader. Not everyone sees things the same way; nor should they. The world would be an incredibly boring place if we did.

I write because other writers inspire me to respond to them. I have friends whose Muses and Characters inspire mine to react. Certainly Fanny has "met" other muses out there and this has led to roleplay and lifelong friendships. Several of those long term writing relationships have led to collaborations and even larger projects. I have a writing partner who writes the part of Fanny's husband, the Comte de Rochefort, [personal profile] all_for_me and we are now working on a novelization of the actual person's life. That, to me is an added bonus. That allows both of us to not only use our writing, but also the research we have spent the last five years doing about the person whose journals inspired Alexandre Dumas to write several of his novels, including "The Three Musketeers".

I write because we all have a finite amount of time on this earth. Through writing, I have a medium that is ever available that I can express what I think, see, feel, the stories and the movies that play in my head. I may never be able to get one of my screenplays funded with a mutli-million dollar budget and a huge production crew, but with my pen and a piece of paper, or a computer and an internet connection, I can put my vision out there. For me, it is not only an indelible mark that we passed by this way, but also a way to convey those experiences to others.

Muse:Fanny Fae
Fandom: Original Character
Word Count 850