Date: 2012-02-07 07:36 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] fannyfae
(Hee! I am glad that you did! LJ has been giving my Semagic client fits, so this is the journal I use by default. I suppose I should come back over to IJ again soon, if only to read what you've been up to!)

1. The times that it happened was wth someone who did not have the ability to discern when the fiction ended and the RL began. Thankfully, it was mainly over on Pan Historia but there was a while there - back in the late 90's and 2001 where there was this almost witchhunt for those who "were pretending to be something other than they were on the internet". I blamed that on it being such a focus in the media, actually.

3. I actually had to rescue that account on LJ recently as they are deleting accounts that are "inactive". I am sure that Azazeal would have found it incredibly amusing had [profile] almighty_g_d been deleted! ;) Oh, now that's an idea for a fic! LOL!

5. In that I think that Hsu and Fanny are very similar. She lost her mother at age four - he lost his at age ten. Those events shaped them both in large part. You have done a much better job in exploring that early past for Hsu, however, than I have for Fanny. The only real clue that she has given me is that she really does not like focusing on a time where she was in essence powerless, and vulnerable. She also really dislikes not having the magical experience at such a young age - but there is a fic coming on "embroidery" which should explain a lot.

Hsu had a destiny he was told of, whereas Frances was never informed of any such thing but rather she was likely to only have ended up as a sacrifice for her stepmother's ambitions - until her own ambitions and a seed planted by a particular Fallen One came into play. The only other time when she allowed herself to be that vulnerable ever again was the supreme disadvantage that she had at loving Sebastien as much as she did and Hsu, her Anam Cara, got to observe all that. In some ways, I think that she was much stronger before she actually succeeded in getting her husband back from the land of the dead.

6. Frances went very quiet for various reasons but she and I are on a renewed partnership as of late, so it is coming together. I blame the hand behind Isabel Giovanni for re-igniting that fire. A teeny tiny thing can make all the difference between an very talkative muse and one that is quite stubborn and won't say much at all!

7. Oh, I have a snippet that came up recently but it came out through a muse that I don't even have" M from the latest James Bond series. (Love Judi Dench, and the fact that she does naughty needlepoint just tickles the hell out of me! ;)
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