Date: 2012-02-07 06:10 pm (UTC)
muse_maledictio: (Default)
(I really should check this journal more!)

1. I've been very lucky, I think, that I've always preferred to write men and never had anyone act weird towards me when they find out it's a woman writing them. That is awful that people have given you a difficult time when that's happened!

3. Yes, your muses certainly range in a very broad spectrum and that makes them all so interesting. You can't ever be accused of writing the same character again and again as some people do. And Azazeal really enjoyed his head-to-heads with God!

5. My opinion is that any main character in a story must have something in their background that sets them upon their path...and usually that is often something tragic. Where so many fall down is that they quite often over do it or have a tragic event but not use it as the catalyst to propel the character. So it becomes all about the OMG!tragedy. With Hsu it was being orphaned at ten and having to survive in a wilderness, that made him determined to fight back against the odds and keep in his heart all his mother told him about his destiny.

6. I think it can even be simpler than that. They have a voice that just can't be ignored (and they get very pissy if we try to ignore them! *g*)

7. I think it's one of the best forms of therapy there is!
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